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Explaining all React Hooks with examples

React Hooks were released two years ago on React version 16.8. It's not so common to see the usage of all of them but they might be very useful to simplify a feature or improve the performance in our application.

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Replacing Redux with React Hooks

In 2019 I was learning how to use React Hooks and decided to replace the Redux library with React Hooks to manage the state of a simple application that I was building at that time. I didn’t know how I would do that, however, in the end, it worked pretty well. I kept the concepts […]

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Mocking your requests like a pro

Mocking your back-end's requests on front-end side might by very useful on development and I'll show you two ways you can do this. […]

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Infinite scroll with React Hooks

Infinite scroll is not usual to see on websites nowadays but it may be very useful to show a list without pagination or user interaction. […]

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