My name is Sérgio, I am a Front End Developer for 5 years, although, I also work with Backend and Mobile Development when necessary in my job. I normally work with HTML, CSS and Javascript, using React and its solutions, depending on what I am working on. I already worked as a freelancer, in startups, big companies and now I am working remotely in an agency from Brazil.

I also have been writing in a blog for 5 years about Crohn’s Disease, after I was diagnosticated. I also recorded a few podcast’s episodes about it. I lived in Ireland for 7 months to study English last year and it was the craziest experience I have ever had so far.

I love cats, movies, books, especially those written by Yuval Harari, music, I play guitar and ukulele. I have a degree in IT Management and before that, I almost went to study History to become a teacher. I still love it but as a hobby, such as Science in general.

This will be a place to share what I am working on, learning or my thoughts about technology, not only code. While you are here, feel free to see my articles or getting in touch with me through those links on footer below.